Lacy Consulting Group (LCG) works in close collaboration with clients in the nuclear industry, applying decades of experience in the technical and regulatory aspects of nuclear power to their commercial and business interests. Clients include; utilities, suppliers and developers, government agencies, and interested financial organizations.

LCG services encompass:

Decommissioning and Asset Strategy:

  • Assisting clients on the planning, decision making, and monitoring of decommissioning of commercial nuclear power plants including technical issues, regulations, and policies.
  • Advising utilities on the sale and transfer of nuclear assets and related regulatory and commercial considerations.
  • Advising utilities, investment fund managers and international re-insurance firms regarding issues and events affecting their commercial nuclear investments and business interests.


  • Advising clients involved in nuclear related litigation with regard to the underlying technical and regulatory aspects of the issues in the proceeding.
  • Assisting clients with preparing for litigation including discovery, issue analysis, preparation of expert testimony, strategy and settlement discussions.

Nuclear Development and Small Modular Reactors (“SMRs”)

  • Advising clients, via extensive financial community interviews and research, regarding Wall Street attitudes toward nuclear power and alternative forms of generation.
  • Providing guidance to interested domestic and foreign companies regarding partnership options for entering the small reactor market, including opportunities to discuss the program with utilities and key government officials.
  • Assisting clients in evaluating business opportunities in the industry.

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