View from Wall Street: Electric Energy and Related Issues available for purchase.

In our 7th Annual Survey, we probe Wall Street reactions to 18 questions designed to get deep insight into contemporary pressing issues.

These are the people who provide the money for our industry and it is worth knowing what they are thinking.

Here is a sample of the topics we discussed with our 51 interviewees.

What is the future of baseload generation in the US?

Is load growth dead?

Is grid reliability getting the attention it deserves, or is the talk just a lot of wind?

How does solar fit into Wall Street’s view of future generation? Everyone seems to be rushing to the rooftops.

LNG exports get lots of support, but then there is the role of the government, what should it be for what reason?

What insight do plans for the future of nuclear in Germany, Japan and the United Kingdom mean for the US?

What are the people who finance new generation saying about the future of nuclear energy, in particular plans for Small Modular Reactors?

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